Networks, ISP & Valued Added Services



Networking Design

Network DesignWith qualification to back us in Microsoft and Novell products, we are able to design the right IT system for our clients' use. We specialize in designing systems on a budget and can suggest specialized systems to suit our clients' needs.


LAN Cabling

We supply and fit Ethernet cabling and connectivity devices.



We administer Microsoft Windows networks for Windows 95/08/ME/2003/XP/7/8/10, Novell and Linux operating systems and provide MAC support on our TCP/IP networks.



We supply wireless links and access point and have the expertise to configure "hot-zone" systems where required.



Internet Connections


Share Permanent Lines

Internet Service ProviderWe provide a permanent Internet connection aimed at small business complexes and residential townhouse complexes. We provide an internal LAN and manage the gateway server for a relatively small monthly fee.

We support the connections with e-mail services for users and host a website for each respective complex with advertising space for users.


Dial-up Connections

We supply cut-price dial-up connections to the SAIX backbone and provide email on this service.



Internet Value Added


Domain Registration

Website Design & Hosting BloemfonteinWe provide domain name registration service for, .com and many other registering authorities.



We host website, email and FTP services.


Dynamic DNS

We provide many dynamic DNS options to allow tracking of dynamics IP addresses for use on dial-up and ADSL lines.


Proxy Services

We are reseller of proxy services for ADSL connections to bypass the 3GB monthly international cap