About Us

lkamva is a BEE corporation born out of lkamva Trust (established in 2002) and later registered as Seismic Multimedia cc in 2003. The aim members I to cater for a variety of technology-related services countrywide and provide employment for as many people as we can.


Who Are We?

Ownership and Shareholding
lkamva Multimedia Technologies is a 100% Black owned company. The shareholding is as follows;

  • Morena Ntsika is a 100% shareholder


Our Business & Structure

Our clients are a mixture of government and private companies, as well as a few individuals. We keep our clients satisfied by providing them with an excellent on-site service at a competitive rate. We are flexible on our call-our policy and try to keep our clients’ satisfaction our number one priority.

We have a hands-on policy with all members being involved with the various phases of projects undertaken. We have a permanent staff complement of 6 people, and use temporary staff when needed.



Our Vision

Our VisionTo stand as a shining example in every sector of our market, demonstration the ideals that our government is striving to promote, and to promote a positive attitude to being a South African.


Our Mission

  • Obtaining government and private contracts that will enable us to provide temporary or permanent employment to the people.
  • Recognize and acknowledge people's talent by utilizing them in projects suited to the talents they have shown.
  • Enabling the furthering of careers beyond our company by making talented temporary workers available for permanent positions with our suppliers.