Computers, Programming & Advanced Systems



Hardware & Software

Internet SolutionsWe supply a full range of desktop computing devices from adapter cables and keyboards to printers, ink and top of the range multimedia computers. We do desktop support for all environments as well.


Server System

We assess our clients' needs and provide server systems that perform best (even on a budget) for their network services; from single processor systems to multiprocessor systems.





Web Design

We provide web design services for companies who require a web presence and offer best rates for functionality options of their choice.


Custom Visual Basic

Our custom software programming service complements our Building Control System, but we undertake simple customized programming when asked.




Advanced Systems


Farming Productivity Systems

Smart FarmingWe have conceptualized a system whereby a farm's productivity can be dramatically increased using technology that is available in other business sectors. Our concept uses tagging devices that are attached to the ear of each animal on a farm. Each time the animal passes through the milling stall /gate (for example), the tag is read by a reader near the head.

All statistics can be kept with reference to the tag number, for example: how much milk is produced on a daily basis, the performance of the animal's offspring’s etc. This can be done with sheep as well to monitor the quality of wool or the number of lambs produced each year etc. In so doing, technology can provide suggestions on how to maximize the productivity of a farm.


IP Communications

  • An area of differentiation, particularly with our Voice & IP Telephony skills.
  • Solutions are complex with huge skills and training requirements (Data, Voice and Video)
  • De-regulation opportunities abound
  • Focus on being bice Specialist integrator to supply and support partners and customers


Opensource ICT Solutions

  • An area of differentiation compared to other ICT resellers/ integrators.
  • Compatible with BEE status and our traditional market direction.
  • Huge opportunities building